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Sprouts – Natural Supermarket Chain of the Year

Sprouts’ incredible journey continues.

Warehouse Clubs trump E-commerce?

A key study shows warehouse clubs have had a greater effect on the retail landscape than e-commerce.

Where is HR Leadership?

HR Leadership has never been more needed and yet not practiced.

Amazon takes over Wal-mart

Amazon overtakes Walmart as most valuable retail establishment

Haggen’s Challenges

Expansion via acquisition proves to be a bigger challenge than expected

Growth – What does it mean?

The lure of growth has its virtues and vices

Made To Order, Growing Numbers

Sales of prepared foods are growing while restaurant sales are declining.

Instant Delivery Pilot Programs

The On Demand envelope is being pushed, but will it be a differentiator?

Technology Replacing Humans?

Let’s take a closer look to this prophetic mantra.

Your customers want Human Engagement

Consumers enjoy interacting with store personnel when they shop, according to the seventh annual “U.S. Supermarket Experience Study” by the Retail Feedback Group, Lake Success, N.Y.

Intstacart Expanding In Key Markets

If you’re anything like me and dread shopping for groceries and household items, Instacart is for you. Working with Whole Foods, Costco, and other stores, you can order everything you need online and have it at your door in less time than it’d take you to drag yourself to the store and back.

Food Prices Likely To Go Up

The drought in California’s hardest hit section, the Central Valley – sometimes known as the supermarket to the world, is expected to affect retail prices for key agricultural commodities.

Your Digital Strategy Still Has Time

The digital channel is garnering the attention of consumers, manufacturers and retailers alike. Attitudes are evolving and adoption is growing but there’s still time to learn and develop a digital strategy.

Targeting The Millennial Food Shopper

Millennials need to be understood as consumers and employees. Discover how this health-conscious, information hungry and community-minded generation is having a big impact on the future of grocery retail.

“Customer experience, big trend for 2014”

Your customers are looking for enhanced experiences but what tools can be used to properly deliver this?

Retail & Business

I probably have traveled and walked into more variety stores than anybody in America. I am just trying to get ideas, any kind of ideas that will help our company. Most of us don’t invent ideas. We take the best ideas from someone else.
-Sam Walton

There are no facts inside your building, you find them by getting outside your building.
-Steve Blank

Three Rules of Work: Out of clutter find simplicity; From discord find harmony; In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.
-Albert Einstein

In competitive markets things are binary, they’re either getting better or getting worse.

Big Data

“The concept of Big Data is well-established in the marketing world. But the irony for many of us is that we are no closer to making smart marketing decisions now than we were before it was well-known.”

“Where we used to make bad decisions based on too little information, we are now making bad decisions based on too much information. The pendulum has swung from Little Data to Big Data, but many of us are still using Stupid Data.”

“Like any new business opportunity, data analytics will under deliver on its potential without a clear strategy and well-articulated initiatives and benchmarks for success.”

Human Capital/Talent

“Companies claim that they need talent, but what they really seek is performance.”

“Talent is often defined by pedigree – places of employment, positions held, places of schooling, etc. But performance is tied to individual attributes.”

“You will get more out of the typical employee if they feel a sense of individual responsibility and or obligation. These are manifested in two different areas – personal and professional. Personal – supporting one’s family, establishing self-worth, self-pride, etc. Professional – empowerment, either singularly or in a group. They don’t want to let themselves down first, thereafter their team or boss.”

“Skill level is usually the differentiator between two equally athletic players, or professionals in the workforce, with equal experience.”

“Companies become too focused on hiring the right professional rather than making sure they don’t hire the wrong person.”